Ceiling Fan Installer

Temecula Valley Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan Installer: Installing a ceiling fan is a great decision for any homeowner in Southern California whether it is during the short winter or extended summer heat waves. When temperatures routinely go above 90 or tripe digits, ceiling fans can make any room cooler. And during the winter months ceiling fans can circulate warm air to offer a more balanced home temperature. However, ceiling fans have even more benefits for any homeowner so let the professionals at Inland Valley Electrical explain in more detail why installing a ceiling fan in your home is a smart choice! 

Benefits Of Ceiling Fan Installation  

1. Ceiling Fans Are Multifunctional

By installing a ceiling fan designed with a light, homeowners receive both lighting and ventilation. There are many different styles of the ceiling fan and light combination, and the professionals at Inland Valley Electrical can go over all the different options with any homeowner. Homeowners can also choose to upgrade an existing ceiling fan by simply having a Temecula electrician add a lighting kit.

2. Reduced Energy Bills

Installing a ceiling fan in the home is a simple economic decision. This is because ceiling fans keep a home cool during summer, reducing the need to run air conditioning systems around the clock. During the cooler months, ceiling fans are great because hot air rises and will rest near the ceiling in a home. Ceiling fans can easily be set to reverse, pushing this warm air back down resulting in a warmer room. This is how ceiling fans can help keep energy bills lower regardless of the time of year!

3. Ceiling Fans Are Versatile 

Ceiling fans can be utilized in both warm or cold weather, making ceiling fans a simple climate control solution that can be used all year long!

4. Ceiling Fans Can Provide Style

There are now so many different styles and shapes of ceiling fans that the climate control solutions can provide a beautiful touch any home. Choose a design that fits the decor of the home and then watch energy bills get lower! 

5.Ceiling Fans Can Be Used Outdoors

Inland Valley Electrical understands that Southern California temperatures routinely get scorching. Ceiling fans offer a solution to this by making a patio cooler and even brighter! There are ceiling fan models designed specifically for outdoor use that can make any patio, pool or BBQ are a little cooler! 

Installing A Ceiling Fan To Your Temecula Valley Home

Ceiling fan installation can easy or difficult depending on a number of different factors. For example, some homes already have existing fixtures, whereas others could require a climb through the attic to install a fixture before installation of a ceiling fan. Power might also need to be ran to the room where a ceiling fan is going to be installed, and this is why it is important to have a trained electrician look into the different options. 

Installing a ceiling fan means dealing with electrical wiring, and this has the potential to be very dangerous for someone without an electrical background. One simple wiring error can have disastrous results. There is a long list of the things that can go wrong if a homeowner chooses the DIY approach to ceiling fan installation rather than hiring an expert electrician at Inland Valley Electrical. 

Some ceiling fan models can be very heavy, and the installer will be carrying, moving and holding the equipment. This puts the installer at an increased risk of dropping the ceiling fan throughout the install. Not to mention, most novice electricians can take substantially longer time completing the job which means holding the ceiling fan up for a longer duration of tie. However, the real nightmare scenario is if a ceiling fan box is NOT installed properly, it could potentially fall on person and cause serious injury. 

Electrical Risks

Electrical wiring can be very dangerous if the person does not understand electrical basics, which is the reason why Inland Valley Electrical contractors are trained and educated to do so safely. Electrocution and house-fire are both real risks that can happen without proper knowledge of how electricity in the home or business works. Power surges, smoke, sparks and yes fire can occur if a ceiling fan installation is done incorrectly. 

Benefits Of Hiring Inland Valley Electrical 

Inland Valley Electrical has a team of contractors and skilled electricians that are highly trained to safely, properly, and quickly install a ceiling fan for any home. Inland Valley Electrical’s knowledgeable professionals are customer-focused and experts who can swiftly install a ceiling fan box for any homeowner. 

Inland Valley Electrical has a core philosophy emphasizing safety while promoting energy efficiency. Those seeking a lighting and ventilating solution for the home can expect our experts to provide the greenest, eco-friendly ceiling fan products on the market. More importantly, Inland Valley Electrical will make certain that every ceiling fan installation meets and exceeds safety standards!

Satisfaction matters and that is why Inland Valley Electrical will guarantee every ceiling fan bracket is professionally and properly installed. Home electrical inspection before and after electrical work is completed is also conducted to be sure that there are no issues with the home’s electrical system. 

Home safety matters. Choosing green products is good for the environment. Reducing energy bills is smart. And installing a ceiling fan properly and safely provides peace-of-mind. That is what Inland Valley Electrical gives clients with every ceiling fan installation throughout the Temecula Valley: Peace of Mind that the job was done safely while utilizing the most eco-friendly products the industry has to offer!